The 3 Types of Volcano Vaporizers for sale

Before jumping in to the 3 different types of Volcano Vaporizers for sale, let's talk about why it is ideal to go for a Volcano Vaporizer in the first place.

The Volcano Vaporizer, created by Storz and Bickel, was made to endure heavy and frequent usage. Not only is it resistant to heat, but it is also made with food-safe and tasteless mediums. The Volcano Vaporizer is the sole vaporizer to qualify for the ISO quality manufacturing standards. 

Although the Volcano Vaporizer may cost more than your average vaporizer, you can rest assured that this will serve you for many years to come and offer only the best quality with its ability to produce pure and smooth vapor and its precise control on temperature.

This is actually also a healthier substitute to smoking. The Volcano Vaporizer is also known to be the finest vaporizer for medical marijuana users. Since this device is able to accurately control the temperature, you can rest assured that your herbs won't end up turning to ash instantly. This leaves you with uncontaminated and flavorsome vapors. 

If you plan on using this for medical marijuana, then I have some good news for you. The Volcano Vaporizer produces a more potent vapor while getting rid of unwanted toxins present in conventional smoking.

It also comes with 2 different valve choices. The Solid Valve is a little complex. But this allows you to set the balloon's size to your preference. You have to assemble this on your own though. So if you're fairly new to this, I suggest you go for the Easy Valve.

The Easy Valve, on the other hand, does not require assembly. This is popular with people who uses their Volcano Vaporizer on a daily basis. The only downside to this is you can't customize the size of the balloon. 

This is also very popular because it's known to be easier on the lungs because you're not technically inhaling smoke. Interested yet? Below are the 3 types of Volcano Vaporizers for sale and their features. 

Volcano Digit Vaporizer

If you're looking for a vaporizer that is great at controlling temperature, then this is the model for you. This device allows you to adjust its temperature until you find the perfect setting for you. The temperature on this device scale from 40-230 degrees Celsius (104-446 degrees Fahrenheit)

The Volcano Digit Vaporizer also comes with a automated off switch. After half an hour, the device automatically switches off to ensure the users safety. 

Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

This is actually an enhanced version of the classic vaporizer that was introduced in 2019. The added features are as follows: detachable power plug, an app that helps in setting the temperature and tracking the usage, the option to add a whip attachment and its ability to heat up faster.

Although optional, the whip attachment offers convenience primarily to medical marijuana users. If you're looking for a more restorative or remedial dose, then I highly suggest adding a whip attachment to your device. It's fairly easy to set up. 

Volcano Classic Vaporizer

If you want a world class vaporizer but don't want to burn a hole through your pocket, then this is the perfect model for you. It may not come equipped with a digital scale like the other models, but the simplicity of the rotary dial is still remarkably accurate. 

The temperature on this device scales from 130-226 degrees Celsius (266-439 degrees Fahrenheit). The accuracy is also around 9 degrees Fahrenheit.

Have you found the perfect model for you yet? Great! And don't worry. All the models come with a 3 year manufacturing warranty.