Vaping & Working out

We all associate exercises to a healthy lifestyle and the positive effects on the body.

Lousy leafs, however, is not precisely any close to that and it is generally not considered to be compatible with fitness. Surprisingly, thousands of both professional and amateur athletes have admitted to using herbs and CBD to ease pain and boost endurance.

How herbs affects your work out profoundly depends on the type of exercise or performance and the results at hand.

The Facts

To clear the air, there isn’t much hard scientific research on exercise in relations to herbs. The few studies that have been done, have been analyzed qualitatively, therefore, cannot be used to determine the effect of greens on your body. While smoking leafs before you work out can significantly diminish your peak performance, anecdotal shreds of evidence suggest that vaping herbs can heighten the enjoyment of some activities especially those that require motion like running on a treadmill.

So, what are some of the effects of loose-leafs on exercises?

Protects Your Brain From Injuries

During contact sports, athletes are likely to get head injuries such as concussions. Minor injuries take one or two weeks to heal, while severe concussions take longer and may come with other symptoms. If you suffer a blow to your skull, your brain is likely to swell an action that damages the brain cells, altering brain functioning.

Cannabinoids have anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce swelling in the brain hence initiating recovery.

Gives The Focus You Need

Like we mentioned above, there is a divided opinion regarding the effects of smoking while working out. From researchers to recreational sportspersons as well as professional athletes, vaporizing dry herb and exercising is not the issue but knowing the when to take for what activity is the issue. Recreational runners, however, have confirmed that it makes them feel light, at ease and happy when running. For them, a few puffs before heading out for a serious run is in itself enjoyable.

Rids Pre-workout Anxiety

If you are reading this, you are either looking to vape loose-leaf while working out or you have never been to a gym and are looking for ways of reducing anxiety. While sometimes it can be impossible to tell what will happen to you after smoking, high amounts of CBD strains will help you walk into that gym like a boss as it prevents panic attacks. Therefore, if you are still nervous about being the laughing stock in your local gym, you’ve got a perfect solution. In fact, the green stuff will help you work out like a maniac.

Sore Muscles

One of the most common challenges you may have to deal with during your first days working out is sore muscles. They can be quite painful and energy draining, but luckily for you, herbs can help manage them. Cannabinoid relieves inflammation on any part of the body including body muscles. However, you have to vape after the work out for the properties to work unless your muscles still feel sore during your next exercise.

Herbs are embraced more and more as a source of health and wellbeing.

Yogis have been using herbs to enhance spiritual practice for millennia. We’ve lost this tradition in modern practice of  yoga and along with it the ability to truly relax, self-connect, and find peace. Some classes like Ganja Yoga is a welcoming guide through that process, offering relaxation that encourages meditation, movement, and awareness for a more stress free and harmonious life. Makes you reconnect with the body with strains, poses and breathing techniques.

So what can I say... try vaping and working out, and be your own judge.