What the Critics Are Saying About AirVape X

They say bigger isn’t always better.  However, in the case of the AirVape Xs and the AirVape X, it is.

Bringing with it the best features of the Xs, the AirVape X boasts of a 25% bigger ceramic heating chamber and a more premium construction.

Since its launch, the AirVape X has received positive reviews from vape critics, including THE Vape Critic's "Best Portable Vaporizer for Dry Herb" guide : "The AirVape X Ultra slim design, good performance, easy to load and use." 

Here are several more of them:

The Best Portable Vaporizer - Just in time for 4/20

Brought to you by a New York Time's Company known as Endgadget : "Over the last three years, we've considered 46 vaporizers and tested 19, interviewed expert reviewers, and dug through enthusiast forums, and we recommend the AirVape X as best portable vaporizer for most people. It's easier to use than any of the competition, whether loading it, adjusting temperatures, or cleaning it. Its smooth vapor provided tasty flavors that had us reaching for it again and again."

A Premium Vape without the High Price Tag

Just like any piece of lifestyle tech, premium dry herb vaporizers usually come with a high price tag. The AirVape X manages to offer a premium vaping experience at a competitive price.

Damian from TheVape.Guide was quick to notice: “The AirVape X has all the great qualities you expect from the top weed vaporizers, but without the price you expect from the top weed vaporizers. The X has haptic feedback, precise temperature controls, and ceramic materials all in a sleek, sexy package. So, if you want top quality without paying top dollar, the AirVape X is for you!”

The Shell Makes It Truly Portable

One of the arguments against dry herb vaporizers is while they are compact, loose leaf vapers can’t really use it anywhere because of the odor that they give off. The AirVape X addresses this with a shell construction that minimizes loose leaf odors.

According to Dan Ophaug of “Few portable vaporizers talk about the elephant in the room; odor. If you’re heating cannabis, it’s going to produce a smell. That can be a real issue for people who want to remain discreet when they’re in public. The AirVape X Shell makes the AirVape X a truly portable vaporizer by eliminating the odor. Toss the shell on and keep it in your bag without worrying about who’s going to notice the scent.”

Dry Herb or Concentrate? It Doesn’t Matter

Among loose leaf users, vaping the actual herb is still the most popular way of consuming it. However, more vapers are beginning to appreciate the experience and convenience of using oil concentrates instead.

Typically, one would need a different device to vape hemp oil concentrates, but AirVape X works well with both dry herbs and concentrates as Cannabis Vape Reviews attested to: “The AirVape X vape surpassed our expectations, not only due to its impeccable design, but also its reliable functionality with both dry herb and concentrates. Switching between dry herb and concentrate vaping is seamless and enjoyable with the AirVape X.”

A Great Step Up from the AirVape Xs

Many times, it feels like vape manufacturers release new products just for the sake of doing so, without a tangible improvement from its previous products. This was not the case with the AirVape XS and the AirVape X.

The critics behind Vapor Nation said: “The level of improvement in this version is truly impressive. It's easier to use with the magnetic lid, more accommodating with the wax insert and larger chamber, and even sleeker with the new mouthpiece. Its predecessor was an already impressive portable vaporizer, which says a lot about the AirVape X.”

AirVape sells only the highest quality vaporizers and vape accessories and has been hailed as one of the best by many vaping critics worldwide. Check out our newest dry herb vaporizer, the AirVape X. It’s the most advanced, easy to use vape pen on the market today.

In the meantime, do you have other tips on how to get the most vapor out of dry herb vaporizers? Post them in the comments section below.