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AirVape Xs

Where can I order replacement parts?

How to turn the AirVape Xs on or off?

How to adjust automatic shut off time on the AirVape Xs?

How to change from Fahrenheit to Celsius on the AirVape Xs?

My AirVape Xs is not charging?

What is the difference between Original AirVape and AirVape Xs?

Battery Replacement Service for the AirVape Xs?

How often should I clean my AirVape Xs?

Are eBay Resellers Authorized Resellers?

AirVape Xs Mouthpiece

What comes with a replacement AirVape Xs mouthpiece purchase?

My Xs mouthpiece feels clogged, what should I do?

How to put back the AirVape Xs airflow box correctly?

Original AirVape

Why doesn't my Original AirVape heat up right after it turns on?

Original AirVape Mouthpiece?

AirVape Programs

Why haven’t I received my AirVape order from the Recycling Program yet?

Does Apollo offer a Referal Program?

Why haven't I received the cash from my referral yet?

Having trouble with the AirVape Warranty Registration?

Why haven't I received my Survey discount code yet?

General Questions


Can I vaporize waxy oil concentrates?

Can I vaporize concentrates?

How to increase vapor production?

What is Herbal Vaporizing?

What is the range of temperature that I can vaporize?

Chamber Capacity

What is the capacity of the AirVape Xs chamber?

How to remove Chamber Screen in the AirVape Xs?

Hours of Operation

What are your normal business hours?

How to contact Customer Service?

Shipping Questions


Do you ship FREE to USA and Canada?

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

How much is International Shipping?