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AirVape X

Where can I order replacement parts and accessories?

How to turn the AirVape X on or off?

How to adjust automatic shut off timer?

How to change from Fahrenheit to Celsius?

My AirVape is not charging?

Battery Replacement Service for AirVape X

How often should I clean my AirVape X?

Are eBay Resellers Authorized Resellers?

AirVape X Battery Information

How to Clean AirVape X

How to use AirVape X Wax Pad Insert

How to take apart AirVape X Mouthpiece

How to assemble AirVape X mouthpiece

Do you sell refurbished units?

What is the AirVape X Temperature Range?

AirVape Mouthpiece

How to put back the classic AirVape Xs airflow box correctly?

My mouthpiece feels clogged, what should I do?

What comes with an AirVape X Replacement Mouthpiece?

What comes with a replacement mouthpiece for the Legacy?


How to Clean the XS GO?

What are the XS GO temperature Settings?

The XS GO User Manual

Why is the light on the AirVape XS Go blinking?

The Legacy

Where can I purchase accessories for the AirVape Legacy?

How do you clean the Legacy?

Where can I find the Legacy Manual?

Does the Legacy have an automatic shut off timer?

What is the temperature range for the Legacy?

Can you replace the Legacy battery?

Can you charge the Legacy with a wireless charger?

Weight and dimensions of the Legacy?

Chamber Capacity for the Legacy?

Convection or Conduction Heating Technology?

Can the Legacy vaporize waxy oil concentrates?

Legacy Tips and Tricks

General Questions


Can I vaporize concentrates?

Can I vaporize Oil Concentrates?

How to increase vapor production?

What is Herbal Vaporizing?

Can I charge my AirVape with a different charger?

Should I grind the herb before packing the chamber?

Chamber Capacity

What is the capacity of the AirVape X chamber?

How to remove the AirVape X and XS GO Chamber Screen?

Hours of Operation

What are your normal business hours?

How to contact Customer Service?

Is there an AirVape Store Front?

Shipping Questions


Do you offer FREE shipping?

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

How much is International Shipping?

Is your packaging discreet?

What is Express Shipping?

Do you ship to India?

Why does my tracking say pre-shipment?



Comparison between AirVape X and PAX 3

General Questions

Are AirVape Vaporizers medical devices?

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