Wax or Dab Pen can Vape Shatter

Wax or Dab Pen can Vape Shatter


A large number of persons are confused about what we can vape from a wax or dab pen. Marijuana is now in the form of wax and shatter. Its usage is getting more popular. Dry herb lovers can explore a wide range and select the best portable vaporizer. A portable vaporizer can replace blunts and joints.


There is also the choice of using shatter or wax, marijuana concentrates. These concentrates give a potent vapor. You can now try out these revolutionary products. We call them Dab Pens or Wax Pens.

If this is the first time you are hearing about vaping, then the info might be a lot to think about. Let us dive into some facts about vaping wax and shatter.

What’s Better Shatter or Wax?

Wax and shatter are slightly different. They are both concentrated marijuana. Created from dry herbs and contain high amounts of THC and CBD. How they make them is the difference.

Shatter is translucent while the wax is...waxy, sticky, and not translucent. There are five types of concentrates.

  • Shatter has a glass-like look. The concentrate is easy to manage. Use shatter for dabbing.

  • Crumble is drier than the rest of the concentrates. Crumble works with wax and dab pens.

  • Budder looks like peanut butter. It is Shatter processed more. With more time and heat, it turns to Budder.

  • Wax is the more glue-like concentrate. Use a dab tool to load the vaporizer. If it catches your fingers, you will make a big mess. You just can't put wax into your vaporizer without the dab tool.

  • Oil is the concentrate made of carbon dioxide. Oil is a liquid-like substance. More people vaporize with it because it is easier to manage.


Vaping Wax Means Vaping Dry Herbs

There are many ways to vaporize dry herbs and shatter. Place the herbs into the vaporizer and heat it. They will produce a rich vapor for you. They use convection heating to hot the air that cooks the herbs.

The two other ways to enjoy herbs is through conduction and combustion. With conduction, the dry herbs are in direct contact with heat. Combustion is when the dry herbs burn, give off smoke.

Just imagine how herbs burn with a lighter. That is combustion.

You can use a Vape that has a pancake coil. A flat heating element will make the herbs and concentrates turn to vapor.

Some vape pen uses a different vape coil. Vape pens can vape shatter. It can also vaporize wax using a quartz coil rod with a ceramic dish shaped like a funnel. It needs to have good quality wax atomizer.

Consumers are reporting that some of the vaporizers burn smoother than others. Their experience is like using a dab ring to vaporize shatter.

How To Vape Shatter and Wax

Many vaporizers can do this. It will be your choice of how you want to do this. Some vape coils have more power than others do. We must take into consideration the battery power. The ceramic rod vape coil is better than the old wick coil.


Wax or shatter are vaporized based on battery life and coil type.


In the end, you need to think about battery power. This is for the maximum power produced to burn the herbs. At the right temperature, wax or shatter to makes vapor. Vaporizers with stronger batteries can give a better hit.

The best wattage should be between 15 and 25. It is possible that one hit can be too much to handle even for the most experienced wax lover. You will need to be careful.