Best accessories for your vape in 2020

It’s 2020 season and we’re approaching the end of the winter season, which means that things will go on sale and people will go buy them because dopamine and shiny things go wonderfully well together.

On a more serious note, we all know that the FDA banned mint and fruit-flavored vapes in the country to adequately tackle a growing epidemic that killed 55 people and hospitalized literal thousands, while brandishing a sword against the rising issue of teenagers getting hold of vaping products.

We here at AirVape don’t condone the use of vaping products among children and minors, but also must point out that the root cause of the issue, Vitamin E Acetate, is an adulterant and must be dealt with more seriously than it is currently.

On a lighter note, vaping solo without any other accessories to boot is going to be an uphill climb with 20-pound ankle weights holding you further back.


Because vaping requires maintenance, of course, but is also something that you can’t just do with just some loose-leaf/vape juice and a vape. It’s like not using a stem/roach for a joint and not using water for a bong: it just doesn’t work.

Which is why we curated a list of accessories that will help you have that perfect experience without necessarily breaking your back. OR your lungs. Just kidding, climate change will do that anyway. 

Crush them 2020 goals and that dry herb!

Honestly, not having a grinder in this day and age is not only inconvenient but a complete waste of time in the long run. Crushing pot by hand takes far too long and you can never get as consistent as a crusher does, so just go ahead and get one already.

They aren’t terribly expensive, are reasonably portable and can actually look nice enough to even be a regular, everyday accessory instead of being something just reserved for pot.


Getting a grinder with a nice, sturdy finish and a neat and classy look is always a plus point for both long use and as a style addition

Obviously, it goes without saying that this is mostly for those vape users who use dry herb vaporizers, which is a significant few, might it be added. If you’re looking for something sturdy, slick and small, metal ones tend to have all of these qualities but rack up the dollar bills just a little bit, while plastic ones tend to be clunky and bad for the environment. It’s really a no-brainer, honestly.

AirVape has a cool little rocket grinder that’s tiiny and metal and an absolute beast, so go ahead with that one if you like it!.

Get a charging dock

Instead of having several different cables and worrying about cable management, keeping a single charging dock is very handy not only for the vape but also for other devices 

Quite a significant chunk of the vapes out there in the market use USB charging ports for their vapes, so purchasing a charging dock for the same can be very beneficial.

Almost all of us have several devices that we use, for which we need a multitude of chargers: our iPhones need a lightning cable, our older MacBooks have a different proprietary charging port. Older Android phones also use USB cables while the newer ones use USB-C. HP laptops have a different cable to what a

Dell or a Lenovo laptop would. In all this mess, just getting a charging dock for your vape makes a lot of sense, especially if you have many devices that use the same cable (wireless headphones, for example, in addition to your phone).

You aren’t always hunting for a cable and a charging dock is relatively clutter-free, allowing you to keep a place dedicated just for your vape to charge. After all, your vape has some special significance for you, so you might as well get something to help with maintenance and peace of mind!

Check out our charging dock for your Airvape and other devices.

Get that rad drip tip/mouthpiece

Pro-tip: Maintain your mouthpiece and replace when needed

The best part about vapes is that you can go ham with the customizations to make it feel like your own unique possession. With the plethora of accessories available, you can easily add in things that make your vape look more pimped out than those gaudy cars on pimp my car. In a good way, of course!

airvape dry herb vaporizer

Getting an additional mouthpiece that you can swap out helps develop some style and also helps with maintenance in the long term

There are some wacky mouthpieces out there that can make your vape stand out. Here at AirVape, we sell some minimalistic mouthpieces that focus more towards functionality than looks along with some wooden mouthpieces that give your friend’s pipe a run for the money.

We’d suggest getting a second one if you’re considering buying a vape so you can either switch between the two or use the second one when the first one goes bad.

Now some of you novice vapers must be wondering if this is true, and we can tell you for sure that it is: cleaning your mouthpiece on a weekly basis is very important, especially if you use/plan to use your vape on a daily basis.

What daily use does is it blocks the mouthpiece with your saliva, some remnants of the juice from the vape and sometimes even random tiny objects, so make sure you clean it regularly.

vaporizers dry herb

If your mouthpiece is smelly all the time despite routine cleanings, you should probably replace it

In addition to that, if you notice weird smells coming from your vape, or if you vape juice more than vapor, or if it’s always dirty despite regular cleanings, or if the air around you hits harder than your vape, you should probably either change your mouthpiece or abandon your vape if you genuinely feel like the air is stronger than the vape. It’s 2020, don’t settle for subpar product y’all!

Get a cool magnetic power bank/mouthpiece

MagLev for the masses has arrived! If you’ve ever wondered what a cool and slick trick that can literally be up your sleeve feels like, you can click here to buy a neat magnetic power bank that’s super portable and is almost impossible to lose. It’s a neat little power bank that uses your standard Li-Ion 3.7V battery and connects with it magnetically. It has a USB port so you can charge your vape on the go. You can theoretically charge your phone that has a USB port, but it’ll take far too long, so it’s best you buy this for your vape.

Having a magnetic power bank is extremely convenient for everyday use when traveling, given that the AirVape Magnetic power bank is super lightweight and pocketable

There are other magnetic power banks out there for a plethora of devices, but there are none that are as pocketable or affordable as this one. It’s only 8 grams and is compact enough to fit in the tiny pocket above your main pocket (if you’re a guy) or just your tiny pocket (if you’re a gal).

AirVape is also one of the few vaping related companies that offer magnetic mouthpieces. While only available for our AirVape XS Go (one of our loose leaf vapes), we felt the need to have a magnetic mouthpiece for it for ease of use, something we emphasized on and something that our customers have identified as well!

Get a DIY wax/concentrate kit  

Constantly purchasing refills from your neighborhood vape shop can add up real quick, especially if you’re a regular vape user. Getting your own vape kit makes a lot of sense from a financial and practical viewpoint.

There’s a bit of a learning curve in the beginning because there’s a lot of things you’ll need to figure out in terms of what waxes and concentrates to get and in what proportion, but what’s more important here is to get them from a trusted source. There’s also the issue of vitamin e acetate:

We’ve covered the vitamin e acetate and its prevalence in vape juices from bootleggers.

Vitamin E acetate is used in skincare products for external application and is extremely dangerous when consumed orally, so you must make sure that the reseller you buy from isn’t selling a poor quality product where you feel forced to add a thickening agent. 

Refills are expensive and even wasteful in the long run and DIY-ing some of that process isn’t as rocket-sciency as you think!

Some of the accessories mentioned in this article might just be cool gadgets that add the utility of just being a novelty item that you might use a couple of times and then throw away, but many people tend to forget just how convenient a gadget or object can be, whether for short term or long term.

Additionally, some of the items in this list have a long list of utilities and functions that can help the average vaper out of major and minor annoyances without making much of a dent in the pocket. It just comes down to how often one uses their vape and for long; the rest can be looked after.