How do we stop feeding CORONAVIRUS?

auWhat exactly is COVID-19?

Covid-19 is a zoonotic coronavirus that probably originated from Wuhan, China.

Coronaviruses are a specific subset of virus that uses RNA instead of DNA as their genetic material.

They’re covered in spikes on the surface of the virus and they use those spikes to invade other cells, these spikes appearance under the microscope is what gave it the name coronavirus.

Covid-19 is the 7th known coronavirus.

Symptoms can go from a dry cough and fever all the way to fatal viral pneumonia.

This wide range of symptoms is one of the reasons COVID-19 is so hard to track.

Some people have such mild symptoms that they don’t even contact their health provider.  

Death rates are not certain but what we can state with a fair amount of certainty is that about 20% of people with Covid-19 will be in need of hospitalization.

Should Vapers be more concerned?

Covid-19 similarly to SARS primarily attacks the respiratory system so it is safe to say that smokers are more likely to have severe symptoms than non-smokers are.

Healthy lungs offer an advantage against viral pneumonia and as you might have already guessed, vaping is a healthier alternative to smoking; even so, we recommend vaping at lower temperatures to lessen the strain on your lungs even further.

coronavirus vaping

How to minimize your chances of contracting COVID-19?


Dos and Don’ts in the time of Covid-19

  1. The most efficient and important thing you can do in order to protect yourself is by staying away from other people. Minimizing human contact during the pandemic is the only way to stop the spreading of the Covid-19

  2. Wash your hands thoroughly and more often. Covid-19 spreads primarily via common surfaces like elevator buttons or doorknobs. It is very important to keep in mind not to rub your eyes, mouth or nose or touch your face in any way before washing your hands thoroughly.

  3. Sanitize your phone. Your smartphone is a potential carrier of dangerous bacteria and viruses so do not forget to sanitize it and try to minimize the usage of your phone in public spaces.

  4. Don’t panic. Going to extremely busy stores to stack up on resources is a very dangerous thing since viruses spread best in those kinds of heavily populated environments.


Myths and facts about COVID-19

  1. Statistics that we hear in the media are only estimates and most importantly, they represent only the number of people who are already showing symptoms, which means the real number of infected people is much higher.

  2. The surgical mask does not protect you from Covid-19. To wear a mask is important mainly for people who are already infected to keep them from infecting others.

  3. The majority of hand-sanitizers you find in stores are useless against the virus. The best way to sanitize your hands is to carefully wash them with soap.

  4. The virus does not spread through the air; it spreads via human contact so please try to keep a minimum of 5 ft. distance from others and avoid the usual form of greetings like handshakes, kisses or hugs.

  5. It is not just regular influenza, COVID-19 is a brand new virus we are seeing for the first time and it should not be underestimated.

  6. There is no vaccine yet and until there is, the only weapon we have against it is prevention measures like the ones mentioned above. 

  7. It’s dangerous for everybody of every age group not only seniors.

  8. We should keep in mind that this crisis might last months or years and not only days or weeks, so we should plan and take measures accordingly.

  9. Going shopping for resources is one of the worse things we can do since going to public spaces occupied by many other people is the best way for the virus to spread.

  10. COVID-19 is not easily recognizable or easily distinguishable from other corona or influenza viruses. 

  11. Contrary to popular belief, COVID19 can and will survive in a warmer climate.

  12. Housepets are not carriers of Covid-19.

  13. Covid-19 cannot be treated with antibiotics.

  14. Vaccines against influenza or pneumonia do not protect you against COVID-19.

  15. Heat scanners cannot accurately detect infected people since not everybody who’s infected is in the phase of showing symptoms.

  16. UV lamps do not destroy the virus.

  17. Hot baths, though are very relaxing will not help you against Covid-19.