Featured on Marys LIST as one of the Best portable Vaporizers in 2017

The Best Herbal Vaporizers Featured at MarysVapes

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All they want to hear is which vaporizer is your FAVORITE vape brand/model regardless if the vaporizer made the list or not.  They want the good and the bad because they also want to know which vaporizer you would not like to see on their list.  You can vote for any loose-leaf vaporizer, whether it’s desktop or portable.  Just keep in mind that there is pros and cons to either category!

Which Vaporizers made the list this month?

  • Herbalizer
  • The Mighty
  • AirVape Xs
  • Crafty
  • Hippie Rebel
  • PAX 3
  • DaVinci IQ
  • FireFly 2
  • Arizer Air 

What is this list of Herbal Vaporizers based on?

  • 80% your votes + 20% of reviewer feedback to get the most accurate list
  • Refreshed on the 1st of each month
  • 1 vote/ip address 

So, who are you voting for this month?!

I definitely put my vote in already… cough, AirVape Xs, cough.

Who is Mary?

Actually there are two Mary’s!

Meet Mary B. and Mary L!

There’s just something about cute girls that vape and know their herbal vaporizers.  They two beautiful best friends are brought you from the state of California fulfilling their passion for Herbal Vaporizers?


How did get started?

Rumor has it that one of the girls used to only smoke joints and rely on traditional smoking by burning the flower.  She was coughing a lot and concerned for her health.  Mary L. vaporized herbs before Mary B. after she did some extensive research of better alternatives of loose-leaf consumption.  Mary L. was actually the one to introduce Mary B. to herbal vaporizing and after her first hit, she was hooked and never looked back.  The girls wanted to spread the word and educate and help others to do the same.  That there is a better alternative and incredibly high performing vaporizers for sale.

If you’re not sure what vaporize is right for you, the girls wanted to create a guide to help with that as well.  They were once new to this too and know how it feels to try quite a few different vaporizers to know which one worked best for them.  After becoming very familiar with all different types and brands of vaporizers, the girls created MarysVapes and what is great about this guide is that they want to hear from you too!


Their mission statement is, “our goal is to be the most helpful guide for existing products in the herbal vaporizer industry. Please influence this list by casting your vote below. Let us know which one is your FAVORITE vape BRAND/MODEL regardless if its on the list or not and which one you would NOT like to see on this list.”

You still haven’t voted yet?  Go check Marysvapes out now :)

Mary B. and Mary L. are waiting to hear from you!