5 Trending Unisex Accessories under $100

1. Converse All Star Polarized Aviator Sunglasses $39

Aviators are one of those accessories that can be associated in any event or setting.  Whether you’re going to the beach with friends or about that fancy night life, it’s acceptable depending  on the color and type of aviators you’re wearing.

I’d recommend getting a color for every adventure and can compliment your outfits.  There are many cheaper aviators online and in retail shops, but this is probably the best pair that I found as far as quality and price goes combined for under $50.

Quick tip, if you want some classy aviators for dinner or at night, grab a clear pair with some silver or black frames.

2. AirVape OM $89

The vaping community is trending and growing exponentially since more people are gaining an understanding on the benefits of oil concentrates consumption.  Not only is the AirVape OM powerful, convenient and unique, but also fit for fashion.  This sturdy metal AirVape OM vaporizer for oil concentrates with a dual quartz atomizer fits easily and discreetly right onto your keychain, weighing at just 1.6 oz.

This vape pen is one of a kind since it is compatible with any universal pre filled cartridge and also comes with 2 other sized compatible covers.  The AirVape OM has been rated as one of the best vaporizer of oil concentrates for sale and already seen at the hip of a few classy models in Los Angeles.  Check the AirVape OM out at

3. Eart & Co Bracelet $19.99

Not only are these fashionable unisex lava stone bracelets that can literally go with every outfit, but you’re also contributing towards great environmental causes.  I would recommend supporting all three causes, but you can take your pic, each bracelet is priced at $19.99.

The proceeds goes towards these three causes depending on the bracelet you choose: cleaning our oceans, saving the rainforests and to stop global warming.  Also, unisex watches will be out soon, visit for more info.


4. A New Tattoo under $100

Well, it’s the accessory that will never leave you!  Most Artists have a minimum anywhere from $40-$100 depending on what you’re getting, the size, ink, materials being used and probably  how you handle it.  Don’t be surprised if you get uncharged from squirming!

Also, just be sure to do heavy research before making that permanent change to your body and make sure to tip your Artist!  It’s important to go in there with a budget, but if all you have is a $100, do not get a $100 tattoo, leave room to tip your artist.


To help heal your tattoo, check out and you can also request a recommendation for an artist too!

5. Cashmere Slouch Beanie Hat $88

Well, you had me at cashmere,, but what’s even more wonderful about these unisex beanie’s is not only the comfort of keeping your head and ears warm, but also gives you some kind of an edge whether you’re male or female.  There’s this vibe associated with people who wear beanies, something mysterious and sexy while being calm and cool.  Plus you can get away with wearing it out in any casual setting.

Most people go with just black or gray to pair with most outfits, but maroon would be great too, brightens the eyes and compliments your complexion.  There’s plenty of cheaper beanies available online or in retail stores, but… cashmere.