Say No to Dirty Vaping

No to Dirty Vaping: How to Clean Your Vaporizer

When things are burned, expect them to get filthy.

While vaporizers don’t necessarily burn herbs, a comparable residue is left over. Condensation also leaves grime on the parts of the vaporizer that come in contact with the warm vapor. Vape pens also get dirty from dust and other small debris.

Left uncleaned, grime and dirt can ruin the flavors of the vaporized herbs and may cause the vaporizer to malfunction. A dirty vaporizer provides an ideal environment for bacteria to grow, which could cause health problems among vapers.

To enjoy the best vaping experience and keep dry herb vaporizers in tip-top shape, cleaning isn’t optional.

Here are some handy tips to keep in mind:

Invest in the Right Cleaning Tools

Some vaporizers come with a cleaning kit. For brands that don’t, it’s best to invest in a soft bristle brush. The bristles should be tough enough to remove grime and dirt, but soft enough as to not chafe the vape pen.

A good cleaning solution should be a staple in any cleaning kit. A lot of vapers use isopropyl alcohol to clean their vaporizers. However, there are solutions specifically made for vape pens. These are safe, non-toxic, and without harmful effects when ingested. There are also specific cleaning solutions for those who vape loose leaf.

Other things to include in a vape pen cleaning kit:

  • Cotton swab
  • Cotton cloth
  • Toothpick
  • Pin
  • Air can (the same one used in cleaning computer keyboards)

Easy 6-Step Cleaning Method

Once a cleaning kit has been assembled, vapers are well-armed to give their vape pen some much needed TLC.

The method of cleaning a vaporizer, is up to the individual vaper. However, for those who are noobies to this, the following six steps offer a great start:

  • Cool and disassemble the vaporizer. Wait for one hour after use before disassembling the vaporizer. When disassembling, it’s recommended that small parts are placed on a towel so they don’t get lost.

  • Remove loose, residual herb from the heating chamber. Use the soft bristle brush to remove residual herb from the heating chamber. Use a gentle, turning motion to loosen debris. Use the air can or gently tap the heating chamber to empty out the chamber.

  • Unclog screen. Vaporizers come with a mesh screen that can get clogged if not cleaned correctly. Use the pin or toothpick to push out debris caught in the mesh.

  • Clean mouthpiece. Wipe off residue with a cotton cloth and disinfect the mouthpiece using the cleaning solution.

  • Inspect the batteries. Check the batteries and wipe away any residue and accumulated dirt.

  • Wipe exterior. After every component is clean, leave them out to air dry for a few minutes, then reassemble the vaporizer.

  • Ideally, vapers should thoroughly clean their vape pens at least once every week. It’s highly recommended that the mouthpiece be cleaned after every vaping session.

    The reality is, dry herb vaporizers are not immune to grime and filth. Following the above tips will ensure vapers give their vape pen the TLC it deserves.

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