Setting the Mood

Setting the Right Mood for Vaping Dry Herb

Too many vapers think that as long as they can whip out their trusty vaping device in an enclosed, quite, and preferably dark interior space, they’re in for some good times.

This works for many people but if you’re looking the most optimal vaping experience every time you load some of that herbal icky sticky into your vaping device, you need to be more proactive.

Real story.

You can’t just assume that as long as you vape the right variety of weed, you’re in for a good time. There are still too many factors you’re letting slide.

If you’re not quite getting that “ultimate” high your friends keep talking about, chances are, it’s all on you.

No joke. You need to step up and make sure you set yourself up for the very best vaping experience.

Nobody else can do it for you. After all, these experiences are all subjective. They vary from person to person.

To make sure you get the smooth, clean lift you’re looking each and every time you vape, keep the following steps in mind.

These 4 steps help set the mood for a truly mind-relaxing and soothing marijuana experience that takes you to the next level.

Step #1: Treat vaping like a special event

Do yourself a big favor and treat every vaping occasion as a special event.

If you vape the moment you feel the urge, you are missing out on the power of anticipation. ( SOURCE )

How does this work?

Remember how you’d look forward to Christmas when you were a kid? Christmas presents were so awesome because you started thinking about them during the summer. You counted the days until you can unwrap your gifts.

Your waiting for the special event of Christmas made Yuletide gift giving, unwrapping, and family meals fun.

Do the same with vaping. Don’t just vape whenever you want. Set a special date and special time. Even if you vape daily, restrict yourself to one or a couple of special times during the day.

Adding a little bit of anticipating to vaping can truly magnify your high. It feels that much more special.

Step #2:  Set the right ambiance

Set up a room or special chamber for all your vaping activities.

Make sure the lighting is just right.

Make sure people don’t just barge in on you.

Vape in peace so you don’t feel rushed or stressed.

This special time is yours. Choose to savor it fully by making sure the setting and lighting are just right.

Step #3:  Pick the right music

You know yourself best. Nobody else comes close. You know the kind of music that ‘transports’ you or truly relaxes you.

Decide on a track list ahead of time. Don’t just fumble through your iPod or Spotify play list at a moment’s notice. You just might end up playing a track that upsets or disturbs the mood you’re trying to set up.

If it is more relaxing to play mood music through a sound system, go for it.

If you chill out better listening to music through your Beats headphones or skull-type speakers, go for it.

Don’t play music so loud that it stresses you out. ( SOURCE )

Pick music you can “become one” with... You should already know these songs from past vaping... Pick songs you can ‘live in.’

Your music is supposed to guide you and ‘massage’ your brain.

Step #4: Burn Incense (Optional)

If you want to dial up the ‘exotic’ vibe of your next vape, you might want to burn incense or essential oils to add a little aromatherapy to your pot vaping experience. These go a long way in relaxing your mind. ( SOURCE )

Pick scents that take you ‘over the hills and far away...’

Pick scents that remind you of pleasant childhood memories...

Pick scents that make it easy for you to feel you’re in some place interesting and new...

The Last Word

Vaping is not just something you do because you need a quick toke or lift. Turn it into an event you anticipate and you’re sure to experience something amazing.

Don’t just go through the motions. Don’t turn vaping high octane pot into a routine. Instead, invest a little bit of attention to detail to the next time you enjoy weed. You’ll be blown away...

Remember: Vaping marijuana should be a celebration of everything that makes life worth living!