What is a Dry Herb Vaporizer and why you should consider it over E-Liquid Vaporizers

What is a Dry Herb Vaporizer and why you should consider it over E-Liquid Vaporizers?

With a rise in vaping related illnesses in the US, the FDA made a public service announcement asking citizens to avoid THC vapes and illicit vaping liquid vials that you can find on the streets. While the likelihood of additives to these vials like vitamin e acetate and flavoring substances is high, a solid cause and effect relationship is yet to be established.

To us, it seems like additives and liquids made with tobacco/cannabis grown using pesticides is a likely cause for all the cases on the rise here, which was categorized as being out of place by the deputy director of research for the US Center for Disease Control (CDC), Brian King, saying that “something new is going on”.

The FDA has announced a public health crisis due to illnesses and deaths related to liquid vapes. The CDC isn’t as conclusive about their research findings and speculate something else

The uncertainty with regards to how dangerous vapes are can lead to apprehension to use vapes in your day to day, especially loose leaf, e-liquid vapes since most of the samples of THC based vapes had chemicals and additives that the body wouldn’t react well to.

The vape refills with these additives and chemicals have mostly been limited to illicit, blac market vape catridges that are not subject to state regulations, and except for two cases in Oregon, there have been no cases of vape related illnesses that are using cartridges that are subject to state regulation.

At AirVape, we believe that vape refills bought from established companies that are subject to state rules and regulations are safe. Despite, that, we understand if customers aren’t comfortable with using an e-liquid vape. We’ve always believed in giving our customers a very fulfilling and complete experience, which is why we offer dry herb vapes as well.

What is a dry herb vape?

A dry herb vape is similar to a pipe in some ways, with a chamber to put loose leaf in its crushed form. From there, the loose leaf is heated and users can inhale the vapor that comes from the chamber. The only difference (and a big one!) here is that there’s no combustion here: no smoke comes out as the chamber is kept well below combustion temperatures to ensure that no smoke is released.

Differences between dry herb vapes and e-liquid vapes
  • Pros of liquid vapes

It boils down to personal preference, convenience, and efficiency in most cases. Some people love using liquid-based vapes because they’re a lot more discreet owing to the lack of a distinct and strong odor that is associated with loose leaf. It’s also very convenient to carry around, there’s no need to pack loose leaf with you or worry too much about keeping the chamber clean (not as much as a dry herb vaporizer anyway).

More importantly, however, liquid vaporizers allow for more control in terms of how high you want to get, what kind of high you want and other aspects such as the flavoring you want. To be fair, dry herb vaporizing offers many of the same benefits, but not as well as liquid vapes.

dry herb vaporizer

Both dry herb and liquid based vape have their own pros and cons.

  • Pros of Dry Herb vapes

Dry herb vapes are so much more convenient than liquid vapes in some ways, especially if you feel that using liquids from an outside source to be untrustworthy.

Even otherwise, however, there’s a certain convenience in not needing a cartridge for your experience. Some cartridges don’t fit in some other vapes, while running out and not having a dispensary near you can be a problematic experience. This isn’t the same with dry herb vapes.

Take the loose leaf, put it and enjoy! Dry herb vapes are very convenient, especially for stoners who like try different ways of consuming pot and don’t want to deviate too far from using loose leaf directly.

dry herb vaporizer

Dry herb vapes are similar to pipes, except what’s coming out isn’t smoke, but vapor. Dry herb vapes can be an excellent replacement to liquid vapes following recent events

Dry herb vapes assume literally none of the supposed faults of all the cartridge-based vapes, both for loose leaf and tobacco-based vapes. In the meantime, they also offer most of the health benefits we’ve seen with traditional vapes, as after the end of the day, there’s no smoke entering your system.

Dry herb vapes can also be cost effective, with our own dry herb vape at airvape being very affordable. Cartridges can run up in costs as well, so using loose leaf in such instances can be lighter on the pocket.

Should you really consider buying a dry herb vape?

Yes! On some ocassions they can prove to be a costly investment, but there’s very little that an e-liquid vape offers that a dry herb vape can’t. The current environment around vape cartridges is a big reason to consider using dry herb vaporizers. We here at AirVape use both e-liquid and dry herb vapes, but we completely understand the hesitancy to use liquid vapes considering the media furore. 

dry herb vaporizer

Our AirVapXS Go is one of the most portable, cost efficient and bang for the vapes we have. All vapes have e shortcomings and our loose leaf vapes try and quell that gap.

But do dry herb vapes have cons that can be dealbreakers?

Unfortunately, yes. They’re not nearly as discreet as liquid vapes and it becomes quite tiresome to carry it around when travelling. This isn’t the case for people who keep their dry herb vapes at home, as it suits that setting very well.

In some vapes, the narrow channel for the vapor to come out tends to get clogged. However, this is more common in lower price, lower quality vapes, so educating yourself a bit more on vapes will allow you to avoid this issue. Our blog will prove to be enlightening, so head over to understand more about vapes!