What You Need to Know about Convection and Conduction Vape

If you are not aware of what convection and conduction vaporizers are, then this article will really help you. Many people are confused about deciding between convection and conduction vapes. 

Why is this relevant to you?

As the tech and cannabis industry consolidate, we have a lot of choices. What's more, with it, finding the correct vaporizer is growing more difficult. They're getting more and more advanced, coming in various features, and have a diverse range of prices.

But even with such a large number of options, where do you start? Knowing the weaknesses, strengths, and differences between the two most well-known types, convection, and conduction dry herb vaporizers, is a decent beginning. So right away, we should dive in.


Convection Vaporizer

Convection vaporizers heat up marijuana through hot air or steam. You can also say that it creates vapors of marijuana by circulating hot air in the chamber where you store the substance. The process is similar to a convection oven.


Benefits of Convection Vapes

With this method, cannabis will heat evenly throughout the chamber to create more terpene-rich and cannabinoid vapor with more flavor and higher potency. Another benefit of using this method to heat your substance is the sustainability for single use. So if you want to smoke in various sessions without using all the substances in one go, this method is very effective. The drawback of this method is that it will take more time to create the vapor, making this method difficult to use. Plus, these vaporizers are expensive.

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Working Process of Convection Vaporizer

A classic convection oven uses warmed air to heat whatever food you put inside. This guarantees that food is warm, and no part is burned due to immediate contact with the heat source. These vaporizers work under a similar rule of transferring heat in convection.

They work on the guideline of moving heat by means of a medium, for example, moving liquids. Convection vaporizers use moving liquids, for example, steam, to make it warm. This predicts that you will get an equally warmed substance if the herbs and oil have no immediate contact with the warmth source. 

For this to be conceivable, it means that the vaporizer needs to have more compartments. The e-fluid, substance or the oil should remain in an alternate compartment and away from the source of heating. They ought not to be near one another. The warmed liquids ought to have adequate space to move around to the compartment, lodging the substance and e-fluid.


Top Options for Convection Vaporizer

1. AirVape X

The features that AirVape offers are available only in expensive products. However, with this AirVape Vaporizer, you will get high-quality features at just half the price. This vape may look familiar to you because this vape was originally an update of the original AirVape XS. The lid has magnets that snap whenever you close the chamber. Even the chamber is 25% larger.

The AirVape X vaporizer offers accurate temperature, hybrid heating, and vibration notifications, just within a reasonable price. It conveys pure vapor, comfort, and has an amazing look. This convection AirVape is easy to use. The structure is smooth and straightforward, so controlling it is simple. Two arrow buttons quickly alter the temperature and auto-shutoff clock, while an attractive mouthpiece snaps on or off for problem-free loading.

It's unimaginably light and small in size, estimating in at simply 4.1 x 1.85 x 0.48 inches and 3.2 ounces. However, despite the fact that it's minimized, its vapor creation is strong. Its chamber is ceramic-based and warms substances quickly without cooking it to an extreme. The hybrid convection warming conveys rapidly hits and is delicious as well. AirVape X vaporizer is compact and incredible. If you want smooth vapors, this AirVape vaporizer is perfect for you.


2.The Plenty by Storz & Bickel

This vaporizer features a unique handheld design, making this vaporizer unique compared to others. Weighing just 1.5 lbs, the plenty is more minimized and compact vape than the normal work area vapes, yet at the same time, packs a lot of intensity. 

With a top-notch hardened steel cooling loop and exact temperature change between 266 – 395 degrees Fahrenheit. You can change it to the best temperature for your substance, and clear a path for smoother draws. This is no uncertainty the best vape for you if you are searching for the purity of vapor and smooth flavor with a decent vape yet in a more robust unit. It retails for around $299.00.


3. CFV Vaporizer by Boundless

This vaporizer is probably the most recent release from Boundless, and it is an advanced version of the Boundless CF. The Boundless CFV vaporizer is one of the few compact convection units. It accompanies exactness temperature control, which is not common among portable vaporizers.

It utilizes full convection, which warms the vaporizer to heat the material evenly and perfectly. Additionally, it comes with quartz and wooden rings that "play with heat," as it were, which makes new flavors and aromas. At last, this vape conveys sleek fume that is away from any smokiness and from one of the smaller units available.


4. Da Buddha by 7th Floor

The Da Buddha vapes are considered to be one of the best, affordable, and effective vaporizers available in the market. As far as convection vaporizers, this gadget has outstanding vapor paths to convey perfect-tasting hits. It includes a movable system for temperature control, glass-on-glass components, and strong ceramic heating elements to guarantee the best vapor creation.


5. FireFly 2

An excellent, lightweight gadget that is good with the two substances and the concentrates, the FireFly 2 is a truly outstanding vaporizer available on the market. It is not common to discover a convection vaporizer that perfectly fits in your hands, but this is what makes this gadget so special. Additionally, the manufacturer launched touch sensor controls in the world through this gadget. The on-request heating capacity makes it simple to utilize and keeps you from burning and destroying any material. 

The gadget warms up in a split second when you press the warming button, and then you can inhale in from the mouthpiece. Furthermore, relying upon your ideal preference with regards to taste, there are six settings for temperature that you can choose easily from the gadget, or by means of your smartphone through Bluetooth.


Conduction Vaporizer

Conduction vaporizers rely upon the immediate contact strategy to move heat, like how a pot of water bubbles on the head of an oven. In this situation, the water turns out to be scorching hot in light of the fact that it is in direct contact with a metal pot that is being warmed from underneath.

To begin with, the coil is warmed from the battery. Next, the ceramic or metal chamber, with your substance inside, warms up due to the coil. What's more, in light of the fact that your substance is in direct contact with the chamber’s walls, it creates vapor.


Benefits of Conduction Vapes

A significant weakness is a way substance unevenly warms from the inside. For instance, since warming happens through direct contact, the cannabis that is in contact with the chamber's dividers, similar to the herb’s sides and base, might get warmer.

The benefit is that it will prepare your cannabis to inhale at a much quicker rate. In any case, on the drawback, the vapor will be lower in quality; that is, it will have fewer terpenes and cannabinoids (less flavor, less intensity).

Additionally, there's a greater possibility that you will breathe in harmful ignition smoke rather than fumes. Another useful feature of conduction vaporizers is that they're intended for social vaping meetings, where unpredictable isn't part of the occasion. 

Working Process of Conduction Vaporizer

In contrast to convection vaporizers, conduction vaporizers utilize direct heating contact to warm up your substance. This rule is like bubbling water on a cooker. The water warms up on the basis of being in direct contact with the cooker. 

Conduction vaporizers have a direct and straightforward rule. The loop is warmed because of the vitality of the battery. From there on, the metallic or ceramic-based compartment with the substance warms up due to heat from the coil. Because of the substance being in direct contact with the dividers of the compartment, it becomes vapor. 

The latest vaporizers use conduction to warm up the substance. The benefits of conduction empower the client to have more command over the temperature power. They can increase or decrease the heat with a knob, and this impact is quick.

Top Options for Conduction Vaporizer

  • AirVape OM

The AirVape OM vaporizer is a compact oil and wax unit, a key chain vape fitted with double quartz poles and oil tank similarity. AirVape Om is sufficiently little to hold in your grasp, yet at the same time disintegrates waxes and oils proficiently. Truth be told, AirVape OM is pushing the restriction of what's conceivable with littler vapes, flaunting temperature control, quartz precious stone innovation, and benchmark conservativeness.

From the single-button control to the attractively connected atomizer, the AirVape OM vaporizer is simple-to-use. It's no issue to stack AirVape OM and endure a speedy shot on the fly. Furthermore, the controls are easy. This vaporizer is amazing as compared to price and class.

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  • AirVape XS

The AirVape XS is a convenient conduction model by Apollo AirVape. This is the second substance vaporizer manufactured by Apollo AirVape. Thus far, it's a decent unit, particularly for the general size, cost, and the way that it comes with a lifetime guarantee. 

The AirVape XS Vaporizer accompanies an enormous, simple to use computerized display highlighting a full temperature range, current battery life, session length timer, and on vape temperature button. Moreover, this vaporizer is as slim as your Smartphone

The general size of the Air Vape XS is the primary selling point until now. The device is exceptionally thin, which makes it one of the best demanding vapes.  You will find this device simple to hold and fits in your pocket. Users can't exactly totally hold it as a result of the height, but even then, it is shorter than the normal Smartphone. 

The external shell is a tough brushed finish, and you don't need to stress over AirVape XS vaporizer effectively scratching. The main thing that might break would be the glass mouthpiece at the top, but it appears to be truly tough. In conclusion, the haptic feature is a pleasant element to remind you when the bowl is pre-warmed and all set.

  • Crafty+

The Crafty+ vaporizer is the improved variant of the notable Crafty vaporizer. It allows a greater number of sessions and heats up quicker than different models of the same brand. The Crafty+ highlights a slimmer body for a more pocket-sized structure. The preset temperature settings are improved for immediate use, and another Super-Boost mode delivers thick fume mists from substance and focuses on only three ticks. The Crafty+ additionally contains an improved battery life and a refreshed circuit board for longer usage. 

When the Crafty+ is warmed, turn out the mouthpiece, and you need to take a draw. For perfect hits, you'll need a more extended breathe in. I suggest a decent 10-second draw at a moderate pace. That will give you a better and complete hit. Expect around ten to 12 huge hits for every bowl. 

The Crafty+ is an amazing convenient convection vaporizer with smooth and strong vapor. The performance of Crafty+ is like the Plenty; however, it's more powerful and compact than its ancestor, making it simpler to carry anywhere you go. Here's the best part.  You can adjust the default temperature settings through your Smartphone with the help of an application.


You can decide if you want to purchase a convection or conduction vaporizer. However, convection has been more popular nowadays. After that, you need to decide which vape you are interested in. AirVape USA is the best vaporizer brand, such as AirVape X vaporizer.