Dry Herb Vaporizer 


To put it into simple terms, dry herb vaporizers are devices with miniature ovens that heat up dried plant matter to an optimal temperature to release flavors and compounds without burning them. 


A Dry Herb Vaporizer is a device that facilitates the controlled heating of dry plant matter(tobacco, hemp, thyme, etc.) or wax or oil/concentrate made from a medicinal plant.

A dry herb vaporizer's primary role is to extract the valuable active ingredients, essential oils, and flavors from the plant matter without burning it.  


What does a dry herb vaporizer do?

In order for active ingredients to be extracted from the plant matter, a certain amount of heat is needed, but if this heat is carefully controlled (as it happens inside an electronic dry herb vaporizer), the harvesting of these elements is done safely and without the releasing of harmful by-products of combustion.

No combustion means no smoke, which reduces the lungs' adverse effects drastically.

Some studies have shown that burning causes 75% of these beneficial active ingredients and flavors to be wasted. 

In other words, with the method of vaporization, you can potentially extract a much more significant portion of these valuable elements. 

In conclusion, vaping is the healthier alternative and the more efficient one, especially when we consider the fact that after the process of vaporizing, the dry herbs are still physically at your disposal.

Seasoned vapers know all too well that AVB(already vaped bud) can be used again as edibles


How To use a Dry herb vaporizer?

With almost all dry herb vaporizers you need to grind your cannabis before packing the heating chamber.  Than press the heatu up button and wait a bit.Once the device reaches the ideal temperature, you should inhale deeply and slowly.

 At a lower temp, you will be able to taste the full flavor of the herb, but at higher temps you will experience more vapor clouds. The best dry herb vapes out there produce a nice cloud, but don’t expect something that you would see from an eLiquid vape pen.


embedded video:

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  • Step 1: GRIND
  • Step 2: PACK      
  • Step 3: PUFF


Vaporizers allow users to inhale only vapor that contains the desired compounds from a plant instead of smoke which has a detrimental side-effect on the respiratory system.


Read more on this here:
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Why invest in vaping rather than smoking?

Simply put vaping is considered healthier than combustion-based methods.

Of course these vapes would have to be to be built from quality materials that are not going to expel dangerous byproducts at high temperatures. Higher quality always comes with a higher price tag but when it comes to products that can affect our health, we need to be considerate.

On the other hand, you can save in a long run, since you need very little substance to get the same results, that you would get from smoking.


Does dry herb vaping hurt your lungs?

This is a yes and no kind of answer. Human lungs are meant to breathe in fresh air. Period. However, if we compare vaporizing to smoking, the intuitive answer matches the one that was suggested by many studies which is that inhaling smoke into your lungs is far more detrimental than vapor.

However, some substances like THC are irritants to your throat no matter how you inhale them so even vaping can cause coughing in some people.

You also need to take into consideration that by vaping you are inhaling dry, hot air which can slightly irritate the throat and lungs so beware of the temperature your vaping at, if you notice discomfort try to lower the heat.

If you are unsure have or had any kind of respiratory complications, we recommend consulting your doctor.

Should I buy a dry herb vaporizer?

Yes, If you want to benefit from the medicinal benefits of the cannabis plant, for example, without exposing your lungs to smoke, then dry herb vaping is one of the most efficient ways.

While smoking destroys more than 25% of cannabinoids, vaping does not. Vaping is also easier on the body and allows you to enjoy all the natural flavors of the plants, so it is a good alternative if you are trying to transition from smoking.

Do dry herb vaporizers smell?

No, vapor doesn’t stick your clothes as smoke, so you won’t smell nasty. However, if you vaporize the cannabis plant, you can smell the fresh, ground plant from your vaporizer. Our vapes have smell proof cases though. 


Are dry herb vaporizers safe?

Opinions do differ, but again, it is safer than smoking. You are breathing in hot air along with active, natural compounds of the herb.


We would say, be careful though with your substance, and make sure you are getting it from a reliable source.  

Also, it is very important if your vaporizer was built from hight quality materials. As mentioned before, lower quality vapes can release different toxins just by heating the material itself.


Are dry herb vaporizers healthy?

Dry herb vaporizers have sophisticated electronic systems, that evenly heat your herb to the point where cannabinoids are released. That's what you inhale with air.

There are several opinions on whether it’s completely healthy or not, but the fact is that vaping avoids the inhaling of the toxic byproducts of burning so simply put, there’s no smoke involved or a number of nasty chemicals, that you would get from smoking.


Does It Feel Different Using A Dry Herb Vaporizer Compared To Smoking?


Yes, it does.

Since you are combusting the herbs, when smoking, you get a harsher taste, more visible smoke, and the burnt scent tends to linger and stick to your finger, clothes, hair, etc.

Vaporizing is more discreet.

With a lower temp, you don’t combust your herb, just release cannabinoids, terpenes, natural oils. These tend to be more flavorful, smell way better, and vapor is not as visible as smoke. They also have different effects; some people believe burning gives them a stronger high while others claim vaping is way more potent than smoking and it provides a cleaner high.


How long does an average vaping session last?

3-10 minutes, depending on your vaporizer's bowl size and the temperature you are vaping at. In one session, the vaporizer heats up to a chosen temp, then keeps the device at that temperature while you are taking hits. With full conduction heating the herb is still being cooked between draws, so you can go through a bowl faster, then with a full convection or on-demand vaporizer.


Can I stop during a vaping session and then come back later?

You can do that with a convection/on-demand vaporizer.
A session vape heats the herb through an extended period, even if you don’t hit it. While you are vaping on-demand, the vaporizer heats only when you are taking a draw and then cools back down. That allows you to hit it once or twice, then come back later to it, without your material becoming completely cooked.


How do you know when you have used all the dry herb in a bowl?

When you got the most out of your plant, it starts to taste like burnt popcorn. If you look at it, you will see that the fresh, green material turned into a nice, light brown, evenly cooked substance. If it is too dark, ashy, with a harsh smell, you have probably overdone it..

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