General Vaporizing Questions

What does vaping mean?

“Vaping” is the purest method of smoking that there is.

Vaping causes the least harm to your body.  By vaping, you are greatly minimizing your risk of becoming ill since you’re no longer inhaling disgusting toxins and residue.

What is a Vaporizer?

By Google definition - a Vaporizer is a device that turns a liquid into vapor.

However, dry herbs are not a liquid, so how does that work?

This smoking device heats up the loose-leaf at a degree before combustion (burning), which eliminates the harmful effects associated with traditional smoking.  Vaporizers utilize a atomizer or a cartomizer to heat up the substance while producing pure vapor without that other harmful junk included.

All different type of Vaporizers?

There are many different types of vaporizers and the choice is all by what your personal preference would be in terms of price, convenience and performance.

There is portable vapes, desktop vapes and vape pens.  Some vapes can only vaporize dry herbs, some oil concentrates, some can vaporize both or all materials.

Is it difficult to vaporize?

It shouldn’t be difficult if you have the right equipment!  It really just depends on which vaporizer you choose and my top picks generally have very easy to use settings.  The most difficult with many vaporizers is just keeping up with cleaning it and picking a vape that is pretty easy to clean often.

How do I clean my vaporizer?

This also depends on the vaporizer that you have, but most portable vaporizers require very little maintenance and usually come with a cleaning kit and how to use it.  Most glass and mouthpieces soak in alcohol for a couple of hours, then air dry.  Then you’d use your tools in your cleaning kit to clean out the chamber.  If you’re using your vaporizer daily, I would recommend cleaning about once per week.

Is there benefits to vaping rather than traditional smoking?

Absolutely.  With this upgraded method, you’re no longer inhaling harmful substances such as carbon-monoxide, tar and other nasty toxins which are very harmful to your body.  Vaping is also much more discreet than traditional smoking.

Is a vaporizer the same as a bong?

No, a bong still relies on combustion heating by burning the material, unlike vaporizers that heat the herb before combustion.  Combustion may result in the release of harmful toxins which is similar to traditional smoking.

Does a vaporizer smell while using it?

There isn’t much smell to it while vaporizing especially compared to traditional smoking.  Just be aware that there is a light scent and conscious of your surroundings while vaporizing.

If you’re out and about and have your vape in your pocket, I would recommend keeping your vape secured in a smell proof carrying case.

Should I grind the flower before vaping?

We would recommend grinding your loose-leaf to get the best results, however just be cautious to not grind it too fine depending on what vaporizer you are using.  By grinding the flower, you’re creating smaller particles, which will increase the surface of the flower in contact with the vapor.  Vapor will come through easier and more aromatic and as a result, you’ll have a nice and crisp flavor.  This also prevents any waste of material and you’ll notice more vapor being produced.

What is the best temperature to vaporize at?

This really depends on the type of flower you’re using and how dry the flower is.

Generally, most vaporizers perform best set between 335 and 420 degrees Fahrenheit.  The lower the temperature, you will notice less vapor being produced, but you won’t go through your material as quickly.  At higher temperatures, you’ll notice more vapor being produced, but will go through the material a tad bit quicker.

What is the difference between conduction and convection heating?

Conduction based vaporizers heat the material directly through contact with a metal plate or heating element.

Convection based vaporizers heat the material indirectly by blowing hot air to them and extracting the flavors from the flower.  Convection based vapes are becoming more preferred because it seems to provide a better flavor, but they are a bit more expensive than conduction based vapes.

How to increase vapor production?

Remember that by vaporizing, you’re eliminating 90% of the smoke, so do not expect a huge smoke cloud compared to when you would be burning the flower.  By grinding your loose-leaf, packing the chamber tightly and increasing the temperature you’re vaporizing at, you will notice an increase in vapor production.