All Things Point to OM

When my mom began to show interest in vaporizing medical loose-leaf to treat her chronic pain, I practically ran to the dispensary. After years of watching her suffer with aches and back trouble and an incident with opioids that scared us all, there was no way I was going to let this opportunity ride on by.

We all know that vaping whole flower is an incredibly healthful way to dose, but I was concerned that grinding was going to be hard on her hands, and I was certain that her shaky fingers and long fingernails would make packing the chamber difficult, as well. As much as I wanted to get her a loose-leaf vaporizer known as the AirVape X, she probably would not use it when she really needed to medicate.

Using a lighter or matches would be tricky and the smoke and ash of combustion were entirely out for sanitary reasons. Edibles? Not really a good idea for her. She likes candy and might be tempted to eat more than one, not to mention that she is struggling with type 2 diabetes. We wanted easy, really easy. All things pointed to my favorite new tool: The Mighty OM.

Made by AirVape, the OM is a vape “pen” that uses pre-filled oil concentrates cartridges. These cartridges are available in a variety of strains, including high concentrate varieties that deal directly with pain management. It is a compact and beautiful vaporizer, with a bamboo barrel that is stylish and discreet, and it requires little training to use. Within minutes my mom was getting relief.

Knowing that I could leave my mother with the medication she need and that she could operate a simple, portable device was freeing! More people need to consider the OM as a gentle introduction to help older people feel empowered to manage their chronic pain. This Holiday season, as a testament to how much it can change a life, AirVape has agreed to a special promotion: Buy an AirVape Xs and get the AirVape OM for FREE. It's so pretty, you'll want to keep it – but do share it with someone you love. Start with the OM, and get that special elder more comfortable with vaporizing. Who knows – maybe by next Christmas they'll be ready for other toys! For now – all things point to OM!