Parts Of A Vape Pen

We are gonna tell you everything you need to know about how vape pens work.

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Vape Battery

The power source of the vape pen is the battery. It is what gives the vaporizer power to heat your dry herbs, oils, and other herbal materials.

You will see that different vaporizers have different size batteries. Some vape pens are slim and some are big. The big ones have more power. Some are stylish.

Some buyers like the vapes that they can customize. Another set of buyers like the vapes that they can hide while on the go.

The vape pens mostly use a lithium-ion battery. These batteries have good power even in a small size. Vaporizers with Lithium-ion batteries can get very hot to heat the herbs.

Vape pen battery use a USB charger. You can plug the battery or screw it on. Things like buttons and sensors are in the battery. The heating time and temperature sensors are in the battery.

If the vaporizer can use custom settings then these sensors are in the battery too.

Heating Element or Atomizer of Vape Pen

The atomizer in the vaporizer can use the battery power to make heat. This heat makes the vapor for you to enjoy your herbs. The power of the battery will help to make the flavor.

Most of the time wax or oil vape pens have an atomizer wrapped with ceramic or cotton wick coil. The battery power goes through the coil until it gets red with heat and this will vaporize the wax or oil.

Now some vapes don’t use a coil. The vape heats the stuff without touching. Dry flower vape pens are like this. They don’t have a coil. The battery makes the heat and vaporizes the weed.

The vaporizers that use dry flowers use a heating element that lets heat pass fully through the weed without it catching fire.

Tank or Chamber

The tank or chamber is what keeps the herbs, oils or whatever you’re vaping. If you are using a vaporizer that vapes oil then we call it a tank. If we can’t refill it then we call it a cartridge. Who cares what people want to call it? It is just the part of the vape pen that you put the weed.

The section for herbs in a dry herb vape pen is called the chamber.

There is no tank or chamber in some small vapes. You just put your herb, wax or oil right on the atomizer. They cannot hold much weed, oil or whatever you are vaping and you will need to reload them all the time. Pretty much every time you are going to use it.



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The mouthpiece is where you put your mouth. The vapor comes through it. The mouthpiece is always at the tip of the vaporizer. Every vape has a different shape mouthpiece.

The shape of the mouthpiece is one of the things that will decide how comfortable you are with your vaporizer. Most vaporizers have a comfortable mouthpiece. This is just the way it feels when you put it on your lips to vape your favorite stuff.

 DAB pen parts

1. Adapters
2. Dabbers/tips
3. Atomizers
6. Storage containers and dab tools

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The Vape Pen for You


When you know all the different parts of a vaporizer, it will make things easier. You will better know how to clean it. It will know how to take care of your vaporizer.

You will know how to put your herbs, wax or oils into it. If you know how each part of a vaporizer works then you can make a better choice when buying. This should help you to pick your perfect fit.

You can check the online vape stores to find one. Check vaporizer buyers guides and pick the one you like. Go shopping for your vape!