Pick Your Herb

Pick Your Herb: 5 Herbs for Vaping Aside from Loose Leaf

Not too long ago, dry herb vaporizers were invented and it opened a new way for people to use herbs.

This comes as no surprise since herbs have been a part of aromatherapy for decades. From the legends of ancient Eastern medicine to today’s modern alternative cures, herbs have been used to treat a variety of illnesses and improve overall well-being.

Primarily, vape pens were created for loose leaf vaping, but it didn’t take long before other herbs were used.

The number of herb options are plenty, each with its own benefits. Here are 5 herbs that can be used with a vape pen, plus the ideal temperature in which each should be vaped.

  1. Chamomile

Dubbed as “a herbal medicine of the past with bright future,” chamomile is known for its sedative effects. It has also been used to relieve depression, anxiety, stress, headaches, and indigestion. Vapers who enjoy sipping chamomile tea will also enjoy vaping this popular herb.

Recommended vape temperature: 190°C

  1. Basil

If you thought basil is only used to add an additional layer of flavor to Italian cooking, think again. Basil is a good herb for vaporizing because it is full of volatile oils which are released when heated. Those suffering from a gassy stomach can benefit from vaping this herb. Basil does have a strong flavor, so it might be an acquired taste for some.

Recommended vape temperature: 130°C

  1. Green Tea

Considered as a superfood by many, green tea has long been a staple ingredient in Chinese medicine. It has a universally appealing flavor, which is why it’s no surprise that it’s an herb of choice by many vapers. Vaped at lower temperature, it is known to relieve minor aches and pains, as well as help with depression. At a higher temperature, green tea’s natural caffeine content kicks into action and can increase energy levels.

Recommended vape temperature: 178°C

  1. Hops

Mainly used in brewing beer, hops is becoming one of the staples among herb vapers. The flavor profile of hops is described as earthy, sweet, and spicy. Those who vape hops report a euphoric effect, making it a great option for vapers looking for a pick-me-up. Simultaneously, hops can give a sedating effect for calming benefits. There are a number of hop varieties vapers can choose from, leaving a lot of room for flavor experimentation.

Recommended vape temperature: 154°C

  1. Passionflower

Passionflower has long been used for its sedative and tranquilizing properties. In Mexico, it is used in treating hysteria and epilepsy. It’s also used in many pharmaceutical products to ease symptoms of many nervous disorders such as high blood pressure, convulsions, anxiety, and palpitations.

Recommended vape temperature: 154°C

Combining Herbs — The Sky’s The Limit!

For the more experienced vapers (or the adventurous ones!), the options to combine herbs to create new flavors are almost limitless. Just watch out when mixing herbs with contradicting effects (i.e. combining a stimulant and a sedative). Vapers can also mix herbs with loose leaf to enhance its flavor.

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We’re interested to know what your favorite herbs are and if you have herb vaping recipes of your own. Feel free to share them in the comments section below!