The Top Disposable Vape Pens of 2019

Nowadays, you can’t smoke weed without attracting too much attention to yourself, and it’s still considered taboo and even illegal in many places. But did you know that there’s a less obvious and more hassle-free way that you can get away with it? Here’s where Disposable Vape Pens can help you, offering a cost-effective, and more handy and discreet alternative to smoking weed. So what exactly are they, and what are the advantages of using them?

Disposable vape pens in a nutshell

What makes disposable vape pens cool compared to other portable vaporizers is its design simplicity. It was meant to be an all-in-one and also maintenance-free solution. Its got no detachable parts or components to mess around with or replace like the others.

This type of vape pen is ready to use out of the box. It usually comes installed with a charged battery to power a heater and already prefilled with the strain of your choice. As soon as you take a drag from the mouthpiece, a LED light turns on indicating that it’s working, and shuts off when it gets too hot, or not in use.

A growing market

According to market research, these pens are getting more popular in states where weed is legal, most notably in California. That's where vape sales held a whopping 80% of the extracts market in early 2018, and sales of disposable vape pens almost doubled in just two months!

Sales of these pens have also skyrocketed in Colorado and Oregon as more and more people have begun to discover the convenience and practicality that these pens offer over other similar products.

Why are disposable vape pens getting more popular?

Well, first of all, they're only slightly thicker than cigarettes, although sleeker looking than other portable vaporizers. They also come in a cigarette-like case that's easier to store and carry around in your pockets. You can hold one in your hand just like you would an ordinary cigarette, and start enjoying them with a simple press of a button. What comes out of it is a thin vapor instead of heavy puffs of smoke. They're so easy to use, and you'll look like a boss while doing it! 

They come in different milligram dosages, making it very simple to pick the exact amount you need. There's no worrying about overdosing that comes with dabbing, and the health risks of debris and burning. You can even choose a higher battery rating if you want them to last longer.

Gone are the hassles of cleaning vape tanks or coils, loading your weed, messing with temperature controls, and changing batteries like with other portable vaporizers. The pen's good to go, and everything has been taken care of for you, for a no-frills and pleasant experience. Once the canister is empty, you can discard the pen in the trash bin and forget about it.

But most important of all, these pens have proven to be more practical and cheaper the more times they are used compared to their counterparts. Depending on the quality of the parts, features, and the dose amount, a single disposable vape pen can cost you typically anywhere between $7-$15. Of course, your daily requirements will let you determine what pen to buy. Let us say that you need 50mg dose a day. A $15 disposable vape pen containing 150mg would last you three days for $5 a day. That’s still a great bargain!

The best disposable vape pens

Check out the top 3 disposable vape pens in the market.      

  • Dosist has an awesome pen they call the Dose Pen, which is a disposable designed to look like a medical product. They offer a wide choice of precise dosages with advanced formulas from sleep inducers, tranquilizers, pain relievers, anti-depressants, to sexual stimulants.

The Dose Pen is available in two sizes: 50 doses and 200 doses.

  • Wink is a company owned and operated by women. They created the first line of vape pens specifically designed for women. Their tagline is “For Women/By Women,” hence their pink pens and packaging. They count on their organic and chemical-free vapor oils with different flavors and smells to appeal to female buyers. Their vapor oils all have cool names like Cupcake, Bubblemint, Grapephoria, Tangibright, Tahoe OG, Sour Diesel, and GSC. 

Their pen is called the GO PEN that is prefilled with 150mg of these oils.

  • Juju Joints are cool-looking, high-quality, and feature-filled pens intended for everybody and come in 3 varieties: 

  1. White (JUJU RX) is their pure CBD oil shipped legally to all states.
  2. Black is prefilled with pure cannabis extracted from high THC strains.
  3. Gray (Hybrid) is a mixture with equal parts of THC and CBD. 

What sets these apart is a distinct mild flavor and odor you’ll surely enjoy and is considered by aficionados to be the genuine and unadulterated stuff.

Now with all those things considered, it’s no wonder why disposable vape pens are quickly getting more popular in the vaping community. Even longtime vapers who haven’t tried them yet should give them a go. And for those who are just beginning to discover the joys of vaping, there is no easier way to start than with disposable vape pens.

The Bottom Line 

Everyone’s got their own personal style. This style is reflected in the things we choose to wear and listen to. It also shows in the hairstyles we have. So why shouldn’t this personal style be reflected in what we choose to use to inhale some of that sticky icky all organic buds we can’t get enough of?

The bottom line is simple. While your friends might have their ‘go to’ solutions and options, at the end of the day, your choice of vape pen or other vaporizer unit or accessory must be a reflection of what’s important to you as well as your personal style and personality. Think of it this way, it’s really not all that different from picking out a hairstyle or shirt.