How to Use & How to Clean Xs

AirVape Tips and Tricks

AirVape Xs is equipped with a simple user interface for exact temperature adjustment and to maximize the pleasure of vaporizing at the best temperature you prefer. This is one of the features that makes it one of the best portable vape pens on the market today.

People ask what is the best temperature to vaporize at. It is an extremely hard question because it depends on the dryness of the loose-leaf and the desired cloud and taste. We recommend 380-400 if you grind your herbs with a regular, two-layer grinder. 

Turning it on is simple. 3 clicks of the main button, and the screen will show you its on.

Then the fast heating is automatic, so you only have to select your desired temperature and it even vibrates when its ready to let you know you can enjoy your vape. 

The display screen also serves for automatic shutoff timer display. This can be adjusted from 3-5 minutes. Customers who smoke every day, told us that with a 3-minute cycle if you are by yourself you will be more than happy with that amount for a while. The majority also told us that they would do this cycle maybe twice and would be done for the day... If you are a big fan of smoking, you could re-pack after giving it some cool-off time, and repeat this again, so again 2 x 3 min cycle. 

But of course it is all up to your preference level, AirVape Xs can run on 25min continuous use, so there is still plenty of battery on a full charge to share it with friends or take it on the go.


AirVape's Cleaning is quite simple. 

Talking apart the mouthpiece into 4 pieces:

  • Glass
  • Metal airflow box + box top
  • Metal screen
  • Food grade rubber

Then soak the parts in rubbing alcohol, let it dry and put the parts together.

Make sure on the airflow box the holes are on the opposite way and the airflow box top is on the upper side, the metal screen is on the bottom of the box, all held together by the food grade rubber casing.